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VOD183 BOOK: John Balance: The Art, Music & Writings Of Geoffrey Rushton Alias John Balance - The Years 1979-86 282p Book

with Shirt (define Size in Comment when ordering) and 24-page Booklet (ADI-Letters)

This 282 page book is the opportunity to give an overview to his early life and work, his thinking, goals and work-in-progress. 
It includes 30 pages essays and memories by Nick Soulsby, Nicolas Ballet, Phil Barrington, Cultural Amnesia, Euan Craik, Alex Fergusson, Tom Craig, Adi Newton and Vittore Baroni, all dealing with all kinds of aspects of John Balance, from friendship to mail-art to music-collaborations.
It also includes the complete re-publishing of his magazine Stabmental Issue 1-7 with 106 pages which he published with Tom and Euan between 1979 and 1981, an overview of rare Tapes from back those days with Johns audio and design contribution and participation, 12 pages of artwork-examples, 44 pages of extracts from early magazine-publications with interviews etc and 51 pages of letters written by John between 1979 and 1986 and that give a wonderful insight into his way of thinking. 
An extra 28 page Booklet with the letters to Adi Newton written by John between 1979-1981 will also padded on top of a Shirt. So all in All we talk about 300 pages of insights and information to read and enjoy and dig into.
So as you see, this is neither a coffee-table book with all kinds of photos/scans, nor another comprehensive compilation of his art nor a diary-book as recently released. Its different, its a typical VOD-Book with the task to reveal and expose the way he worked during these days and how he eventually became the person that thousands do worship him for as of today, in hope that people can have some nice "aha-Effects" as Information might be found that wasn't known so far.

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