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V/A LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY 1974-1983 13Lp Box (lmtd. 500) w. Shirt and 5 booklets w. 200+pages (199,99 Euros plus Tax)

VOD171: V/A LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY 1974-1983 13Lp Box (lmtd. 500 in black Vinyl)

LAFMS: Los Angeles Free Music Society -1974~1984+ is the third big box collection of the work of the LAFMS.
This box focuses on early solo and compilation cassette releases and singles that were produced in very small quantities issued now on vinyl for the first time.
All tracks have been remastered from the best original sources for the greatest sound fidelity possible.
There’s also a double album of deep archive material that has never been released in any format. A total of 13LPs, one 7”, complete, full-size recreations of the six volumes of the LAFMS magazine publication “Light Bulb,” a 56 page book of rare photos, graphics and notes, plus a t-shirt and a pair of 3D glasses for special feature graphics. All delivered in a black wooden box. Produced, art directed and designed by Tom Recchion
Lp01 Chip Chapman’s cassette - “Magic Beans” 
Lp02 "Seldom Melodic Ensemble Godzilla's Mystery Abortion 77“ 
Lp03 " Dennis Duck Goes Disco"
Lp04 4 Light Bulb, Issue 3 Christmas Box Cassette
Lp05 "Joe Potts Airway (7"", Ltd) none 1977 1 " "Mother/Daughter / The Residents album cover Joe Potts / Slimy Adenoid And The Pablums Mother/Daughter / The Residents 77" "The Pablums Under My Gums (7"")“ AIRWAY cassette single 
Lp06/07 Light Bulb Magazine Number Four - "The Emergency Cassette“ 
Lp08 1981 December Compilation (a selection)
Lp09 Tom Recchion Freak Show
Lp10 Dinosaurs with Horns (Rick Potts / Joseph Hammer)
Lp11 Fredrik Nilsen Music from Norway
Lp12/13 Archive Recordings / previously unreleased
237,99 € incl. MwSt plus shipping