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VODDJ1: Experimental Products Glowing in the Dark 12" (ltd.444 Reissue)

 Highly anticipated reissue of the 80's Dance/Synth-Classic "Glowing in the Dark"
Originally released on Short Circuit Records (SCR-002) in 1984 it contains the three classic Tracks Glowing in the Dark, Love Changes and The Mannequin.
Experimental Products started as a two member synthesizer group in 1982 operating from Philadelphia Pa.  Founding members were Mark Wilde and Michael Gross. The band grew to 4 members by 1987.

Their self-released Lp 'Prototype' using Analog synthesizers and drum machine is still one of the most expensive Synth-Records out on the collector-market
A     Glowing In The Dark     9:00
B1     Love Changes     5:30
B2     The Mannequin     6:00
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