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VODDJ2: Click Click : Demos 1982 1Lp ltd. 99 red vinyl

Is it possible to play "Post-punk without guitars“ and without sounding like another cheesy electro-pop outfit?

Yes, because Electro-EBM-Pioneers Click Click consisting of the two mastermind-brothers Derek & Adrian Smith had a plan, they had a place to experiment and they had a direction; 

They had saved up enough money to buy four short days in two different studios (both of them in Luton/GB).

And what of the results? Here they are! Presented as 6-Track Mini-Lp on VOD-Records.

Six songs built upon the foundations of acoustic drums, synthesised bass and manipulated melodies. 



A1     Exit     3:03
A2     Documents 3:00
A3     It Doesn't Hurt  4:32

B1     Warfare     2:58
B2     Hand's Fall Backward 3:24
B3     Around & Around 3:09

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