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VOD149.7: Steve Hitchcock: Sheet Tape Reg.Black 1978/79 1Lp ltd. 400

Steve Hitchcock (currently known as Ferrara Brain Pan) began experimenting with music and art in early 1977 as a freshman-year university student in San Diego, where he edited and published five issues of a Neo-Dada mail art 'zine called 'Cabaret Voltaire’. While active in mail art, he corresponded with Genesis P-Orridge and Cosey Funni Tutti of COUM Transmissions and Throbbing Gristle and thereby became involved with the early Industrial music movement.

During the years 1977-79, he created these experimental solo recordings using elements including shortwave radio, television, turntable, metal percussion and found sounds. These tracks can be classified with confidence as early Industrial Music (with elements of humor that might invite comparisons to H.N.A.S. or Nurse With Wound). The artist was heavily influenced and inspired by the music he listened to as an American teenager during the 1970s, such as free improvisation, Krautrock, classical avant-garde, electronic music, early punk and noise.

It was in San Diego during the time of these recordings that Steve Hitchcock got into a long-lasting friendship with Boyd Rice and Robert Turman. In 1977 Boyd and Steve recorded and performed on a few occasions as a duo, and when Robert got involved the project adopted the name of Moving Targets. Steve left the group soon afterwards, and Boyd and Robert moved to San Francisco where the twosome issued the very first NON recordings. Prior to Moving Targets, Boyd Rice and Steve Hitchcock collaborated on a cassette of experimental sounds entitled 'This Priceless Recording' which was included in an international Audio Art exhibition at a Gallery in Switzerland. Extracts from this tape and the Pre-NON-Project can be heard on the Boyd Rice/NON 5-LP set.

This LP is a Must-Have for every serious fan and listener of early Industrial music.


A1     Sheet Tape Registered Black Part 1 5:36
A2     Sheet Tape Registered Black Part 2 8:00
A3     Sheet Tape Registered Black Part 3 3:13
A4     Sheet Tape Registered Black Part 4 3:06
A5     Dominance 1:11
A6     Sheet Tape Registered Black Part 6 3:01
A7     Sheet Tape Registered Black Part 7 2:52
A8     Sheet Tape Registered Black Part 8 0:51
A9     Sheet Tape Registered Black Part 9 1:52
B1     The Kids Next Door 4:00
B2    Sheet Tape Registered Black Part 11 5:07
B3    Sheet Tape Registered Black Part 13 2:44
B4    Coil Hoist Winch Room (12 Loops 1 minute each) = 11:56
B5    Yowling Cat Alarm 4:06
B6    The Cadum Baby 1:00
B7    Endless Loop Baby

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