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VOD146.BR1/2 BILL RHODES: Recordings 1982-88

Bill Rhodes is a highly prolific and multi-talented artist/performer.
He is one of very few artists able to compose in orchestral and multi-instrumental perspectives.
Bill released his recordings between 1980 and 1983 with his progressive-rock-formation Everfriend on his own label "Jazzical Records".
While his Everfriend Recordings were mostly released on Vinyl between 1980-1983 ('Tropicshere', 'Sphere of Influence' and 'Shoot To Kill') with just one exception being the tape 'Key Essentials" from 1982,
his electronic/synthesist-Solo-Works as Bill Rhodes were primarily released on Tapes during the Mid to late 80's with the exception of Mind Break, a beautiful athmospheric Vinyl-release from 1985
In late 80's and early 90's  his music got on the Radar of Klaus Schulzes Innovative Communication Label and IC released a series of CD's covering his 80's works but in a digitally remastered and remixed form.
This compilation gives you a chance to listen to the original tape-Recordings with a nice natural and warm athomsphere and wonderful minimal/synth-Tunes integrating also other instruments such as bass, guitar, piano and more that enhance the diversity of his multi-instrumental compositions.
146.BR1/2  BILL RHODES: Recordings 1982-88
A1 The Nag 2:48 (on Outside Looking in)
A2 The Dream 3:29 (on MIndbreak lp)
A3 Synthia 3:25 (on MIndbreak lp)
A4 Sparakeet  2:56  (on MIndbreak lp)
A5 Around me 4:48 (on Key Essentials, Tape, 1982)
A6 My Bass Desires 3:22 (on Outside Looking in)
A7 Mind Break 2:59 (on MIndbreak lp)
A8 The Muse 4:04 (on MIndbreak lp)

B1 As If Suspended By Clouds  4:47  (on Quantum 12 & Neo Classical Works 2)
B2 Words Won't Hide Hide Your Eyes  6:52 (on Expressions)       
B3 Dance Music For Escher    5:48 (on 1986)
B4 The Ominous   2:23 (on Neo Classical Works Vol.1 & 1986)               
B6 Mood for Thought 7:00  (on MIndbreak lp)     

146.BR1/2 BILL RHODES: Recordings 1982-1988

A1 Expression 4 5:13 (on Expressions Tape)
A2 Me Helix Your Axis 4:51 (on Quantum 12)
A3 Afternoon of Forgetting 1:34 (on 1986 and on Neoclassical Works Vol.2)
A4 Pianolith 8:50 (on Quantum 12)
A5 On Approach 5:47 (on Sculptures Tape)
Total Time 26:15

B1 Northern Lights 3:10 (on 1986)
B2 Touch Tone 2:17 (on Neoclassical Works Volume 1)
B3 Requiem for Chernobyl Part 1  1:51  (on 1986 Tape, also on Neoclassical Works Vol.1)
B4 Requiem for Chernobyl Part 2  5:25 (on 1986 Tape, also on Neoclassical Works Vol.1)
B5 Sculptures 8:30 (on Scuptures Tape)
B6 Dawn 3:10   (on MInd Break Lp)
Total Time 24:15
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