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VOD145.B2 V/A The Lung Funtion Years - Recordings 1982-1986 (5Lp-Box, ltd.333)

VOD145.B2  V/A Lung Funtion Recordings 1982-1986 (5Lp-Box, ltd.333)
- Those Nervous Surgeons / Half Nervous - Behind Dark Glasses (1982) (1Lp)
- Adrian Smith - If Looks Could Kill / Abolfly (1982/83)(1Lp)
- EFF (Side-project Click Click) (1Lp) - Recordings 1984-86 (3Lp)
This Box will give a nice insight into the world of the Adrian and Derek Smith's musical legacy during their very productive stage and the early years of their Lung Function-Label from 1982 to 1986 with the Solo- (Adrian Smith) and Side Projects (Half Nervous/Those Nervous Surgeons, EFF) to the EBM-Legend Click Click

Adrian Smith, the main-figure behind the EMB/Dark-Wave-Legend Click Click started to experiment with sounds as early as 1974.
In 1976 Adrian managed to get his hands on a decent tape machine and he was wise enough to record everything he ever did onto cassette; after all, he was building a legacy.
He and his brother Derek never got the tools they really wanted but learned to make do with whatever they could lay their hands on. They had already decided what musical direction they would to follow, all they needed was the right equipment.

During the Years 1977-1980 and before starting their own Lung Function Label they both had the post-punk project Those Nervous Surgeons (Adrian Smith on guitar/synth/vocals, Tim Wilson on bass, Derek Smith on drums, Mark Turney on guitar) and Half Nervous (Adrian Smith on synth/vocals, Derek Smith on drums/designs/direction)

In 1980 Adrian takes possession of Tim Wilson’s Wasp synth and Akai reel-to-reel and retires to the smallest room in the house he shares with his wife. During this period he continues to work alone until the music is assessed for possibilities and the brothers decide to work together again.
The 1980 - 1981 period is particularly productive and gives birth to the skeletons of songs which will later be shaped into the music of Click Click; but, before this happens, Adrian begins to release music on cassette under the names Another View on his own Abstractions-Label and later on already as EFF (eject or fast forward).

In 1981 they introduced and change their name to Click Click, turn their backs on electronics and add funky experimental guitarist Rick Camp to the band. They record the “Silver Single” and play wherever they can. Their sound begins to mutate into post punk/jagged rock and further recordings are made, but there are clouds on the horizon. After much shouting the band breaks up and the guitars are put into storage and the name was even changed back to Half Nervous.

In 1982 and during the stage of constant changes (in band-name, band-members and music-styles) Adrian and Derek begin to gig as an electronic duo and Friends donated equipment and fx pedals and Derek acquires a set of electronic drums.
They spend two weeks developing and recording “Behind Dark Glasses” at their newly established Lung Function HQ. Results are recorded onto cassette. It is a brash, Residents influenced collection of dark industrial electronics.

At same time Adrian Smith releases “If Look Could Kill” (a cassette containing various elongated versions of an earlier tune called…Look) and in 1983 “Another Bag Of Legs For Ya” is recorded onto a borrowed Portastudio but is never officially released.
Half Nervous (augmented now by Jenny Prestana on viola) change their name back to Click Click record a version of The Sack and revisit more of Adrian’s solo work (I Don’t Wanna Wear a Bag, Boss Say Work) as well as versions of Natural Actions and The Last Chance from “Behind Dark Glasses.”

During 1984 and 1986 Click Click (with Jon Morris replacing Jenny’s viola with another Wasp synth) are now in full flow, Adrian’s solo material continues to materialize especially under the moniker EFF.
Click Click adapt several more of these works into recognisable songs (I Rage I Melt, Skripglow, Man In A Suit, Mercy and Rotor Babe).

Since 1986 an ever increasing collection of cassettes and hours of recorded music sit unheard in the vaults of Lung Function. At some point an 808 drum machine replaces the Eko Rhythm Master and more material is added to the collection. Projects are developed and labelled as works by PaPERHOUsE and The Toy Shop. These too are plundered by Click Click or reworked on better equipment and released as music recorded by Skripglow. And so it goes on. Multiple styles. Multiple personalities. Endless music.
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