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VOD139.KM1/2: Ken Moore - Recordings 1976-83 ltd. 2Lp/7inch

Ken Moore (from Baltimore, Maryland) is one of the very early american DIY-Synthesists & Mult-Instrumental Talents. Ken started to explore electronic music in the mid 70’s along-side working in various (progressive)-Rock formations In 1980 Ken established his own label called Anvil Creation and in the following 4 years released appr. 20 Tapes with his Solo or Collaboration-Works he had recorded between between 1973 and 1983. Ken's solo work of that era bridges abstract electronic music with synthesizers and Mellotron, through to more psychedelic rock based material he had primarily produced in the early to mid 70’s. He also  collaborated with Stuart Rosenzweig and he founded the progressive rock duo Moore/Myers with David Wayne Myers, etc. Ken was also very active for James Finch’s International Electronic Music Association (IEMA) which started in 1979. Besides newsletters with contact-lists for subscribing musicians or reviews of cassettes, IEMA also organiszed festivals for musicians and released a series of 7 IEMA Collective/Group Compilation-Tapes containing musicians of the IEMA-Group. Ken Moore was the man behind those special Tape-Compilations and its distribution. This 2Lp/7inch-Set includes his Electronic Music Series Vol.1-5 with recordings dating back to as early as 1976 and which he released on several Tapes between 1980 and 83 on his own Anvil Creations-Label. In Specific: Frame of Reference (AC01,1980), Tempus Fugit’ (AC02,1980) ‚To Come Into Being’ (AC06,1981) ‚Loubi Stem’ (AC 08,1981) ‚ In a Pound of Logic (AC11,1983), To No Avail’ (AC12, 1983)‚ The Jupiter Effect (AC19, 1983/84)

VOD139KM1/2  Ken Moore Electronic Music Series Vol.1-5 - 1976-1984

A1    Oche De Leah 12:24
A2    Tempus Fugit 9:30
A3    The Dream in 5:23

B1:    To Come into Being 7:58
B2:    The Putative Curvatures of Time 2:01
B3:    A Hole in Space 1:52
B4    Radius of Captures 7:19,
B5    Suit of 15 Oscillators 8:00

Lp2A: Loubi Stem: (AC08, 1981) / To Not Avail (AC12, 1980)
A1:    Any Sense at All 8:28
A2    For the Duration 2:55,
A3    For the Root is the Dream 7:48
A4    Viscous 8:18

Lp2B: The Jupiter Effect: (AC19, 1984)
B1 The Jupiter Effect EDIT 6:18 
B2 Derangement of Temporality 8:21,
B3 Event Horizon 9:14,
B4 The Rings of Saturn (Edit) 8:17

VODKM1/2Bonus7" Ken Moore - more electronic works (1977-1983)
A Frame of Reference (AC01) (written 1972, recorded 77-79):

A1 Steeple Church 5:20, 
A2 Osmosis 2:47
B In A Pound Of Logic (AC11) (recorded 1983):
B1 Anvil Cumulus 10:29

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