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VOD138.11/12 Art Interface Secretaries from Heaven 2LP-Box/7/Shirt lim.99 copies

Release-Date is early July

Art Interface was a synth band uninfluenced  by the direction of  mainstream european synth stylings.  a mid-western american band [except for the swedish drummer...]

It was initiated in 1979 by Douglas Vasey, Steven Curran & Claes Roswell, Roger Deason getting on board later.

They disdained Kraftwerk but loved Neu!  and  bands like the Stooges.  instead of marching  lockstep to the beat of a drum-machine the kybs were  propelled  by the live drumming changeups; knobs were twisted on impulse w/ no idea what  sound would result .  many songs were recorded "live in studio"- all members playing at once but being recorded on seperate tracks, which gives them a looseness & a life  counter to the more robotic feel of the time.some songs had a social/political bent & thus a purpose; others were merely wild unexpected accidents of immediate creation, ranging from melodic to ambient to noise to  all of the above. unlike many synth bands, guitar still often figured into the mix, sometimes in the background, and other times the synths were the background and the guitar was a striking accent, but never a traditional "lead".

When they started back in 1979 Synths were quiet new and used as weird toys in their compositions.  Their first synth-based Tape ‚Secretaries from Heaven’, released on their own IF Records in early 1982, was meant as a kind of parody. The combination of these simple, self-playing sounds and Doug’s great lyrics on hand was more than everyone expected.  Two 7 inches (Secretaries from Heaven & Wardance) were then  release in 1983 and 84). In1986 they finally released their first full-lenght Lp called ‚Great Big World of Noise and Shit’ right after releasing another Demo-Tape called ‚ist not the way it should have been but that’s the way it is’.

Vasey & Deason resumed recording together in 2012  under the name VD and have produced 4 cds since.

This 2Lp combines many titles from the above mentioned releases.
138.11/12 ART INTERFACE (2 x LP in gatefold) plus Bonus 7"inch
LP1A (27:20 Min)
A1  Secretaries From Heaven 4:02  D. Vasey
A2  Chinese Takeaway 2:37  D. Vasey/ Bishop-Leggatt
A3  Raygun Assassins 3:55  D. Vasey
A4  This Day In History 3:22  D. Vasey
A5  The Walls Have Ears 2:10  D. Vasey/ C. Roswall
A6  Wardance 4:28  D. Vasey/ C. Roswall
A7  Real Pretty-Like 3:27  Vasey/ Curran/ Roswall
A8  Joyride 2:52  C. Altese/ C. Roswall
LP1B (26:20 Min)
B1  World's Happiest Person 4:03 D. Vasey
B2  The Parable Of The Insane Leading the Retarded 4:05 Vasey/Roswall
B3  VCR 4:29  Vasey/ Curran/ Roswall
B4  Even In My Sleep  D.Vasey 1:31
B5  Angst Interface  D.Vasey/ Paul Ellis 3:57
B6  Secretaries From Heaven 1981 demo 4:02  D. Vasey
B7  Real Pretty-Like mix #2  Vasey/ Curran/ Roswall  4:08

LP2A WILD CARD (28:00)
A1  Down At The Bottom 4:19  (1986)
A2   Beautiful Invisible (vocals) 3:00  (1985)  C.Vasey/ D. Vasey
A3   Death in The West 3:37 (1985)
A4  Salesman's Victim 2:01  (1985) (No Face on Art Interface Lp)
A5  Two Angel's Together #1  (1981)  Vanig Fem/ D. Vasey
A6  Dub In The West 3:38  (1985)
A7  Earthbound pt 2 7:46  (1980-85)
B1  ASSASSIN 3:56 (from Lp)
B2  THIS DAY FROM HISTORY (slowed up instrumental version)  4:07
B3    The Continuing Day 8:33
B4   Dance Your Own Way Out 1:45
B5    Skeleton 7:20  Vasey/ Curran/ Roswall
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