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VOD137.6 Pekka Airaksinen - Afrodipankara (1984) LP - limited 200 as stand-alone-release

Pekka Airaksinen is a Finnish composer of electronic music.

Airaksinen formed his first band, The Sperm, in the late 1967.

The Sperm mixed elements of avant-garde music with free jazz and psychedelic pop.

By 1970 Pekka started his own label O Records to produce and distribute Vinyl-Records of his Solo-Works such as 'One Point Music' (1972) or the Sperm-Lp 'Shh! Heinäsirkat' (1970)
or his free-jazz-dominated Project SAMSA TRIO in 1972 (together with Antero Helander & Mattijuhani Koponen)
Following The Sperm's breakup in the mid 1970s, Airaksinen turned to Buddhism but kept producing music in the years to come and integrating Roland 808 drum-machines into his music and releasing 80's classic-Lp's like 'Buddhas of Golden Light'.
Afrodpankara is produced during the same creative period.

VOD137.6    Lp  AFRODIPANKARA (1985)
A1. Khadgadasvara (16.27)
A2. Pradanasura (4.07)
B1. Prabhutaratna (10.52)
B2. Padmasri (7.01)
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