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VOD138.09 Zephyr in The Swamp - Sessions 1981-83 LP - limited 200 as stand-alone-release


Zephyr in The Swamp are  : Brendan Coyle and Colin Hughes who originated from the Wirral UK synth trio The Games.

A vocalist friend Martin Graham came on board for a short spell until he sadly passed away from us the band remained the same as above.

The music from Zephyr in the Swamp was created after the split up of the band The Games from 1981-1983 hense whilst we call this album the sessions album. An album of instrumental tracks creating moods and melodies that are hypnotic yet rememberable.

The tracks were unearthed from cassette tapes and reel to reel from our Akai 4000D 80’s day recordings at Melva Rooms and The Loft practice rooms provided by the late Mr Whooley in Oxton Wirral. The recordings some of which they didn’t realise existed were fragile and took one take mastering them back from over 30 yrs ago.

Some tapes began so fragile they could not retrieve due to their ageing and drop out were inevitable.

And so Zephyr in the Swamp took the best tracks which surprised them both have now been mastered and into the vinyl world for your ears to hear.

Zephyr used Roland Sh09, Boss Dr Rhythm and Roland 09 strings organ back then using sound on sound echo effects through the Akai 4000D triggering the drum machine into various patterns and so the sound of Zephyr and The Swamp was created.

A1: My time 3:22
A2: Memoirs 2:34
A3: If it was you 2:14
A4: Energy in Lights 2:29
A5: Hipsway 2:56
A6: The Instrumentalist 2:30
A7: That's what Pop is ABout Instrumental 4:00
Total A: 23:17
B1: Up State That Melody Again 3:33
B2: Pulse Width 1:57
B3: Agent WOmen Pesto 3:59
B4: Thats what Pop is about 4:00
B5: Horn of Bedlam 5:14
B6: The Determaining factor 2:36
B7: Runway No 19
Total B: 24:18
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