RELEASES 2023 plus previous years until 2015

PPRIP04: FOCKEWULF190 The first & second Side of the Mystic Synth 2Lp

This limited 400 2Lp in gatefold-sleeve presents the last and long overdue work of the highly influential, enigmatic & near mythical Italo-Group Fockewulf 190

As Protagonists to the Dark Side of Italo Disco evolving and developing in the mid 80’s music-scene, they influenced countless newborn artists all over the globe.

This newly recorded Studio-LP in combination with a re-work of the 1986-Demo-Lp “In a Room of Memory“ represents the final chapter of Fockewulf 190’s output as mastermind & co-leader Victor Life (who fomred Fockewulf together with vocalist Dario Dell'Aere) sadly passed away in early 2014.

Fockewulf 190 was created as a shape equal to a substance, experimental analogic electronic music connected to the theatrical and mimic power of rock and the romantic and aesthetic force of the electronic dance of the 80s. Fockewulf translated those expressive channels with the force of a psychedelic mind folded into a magic and evocative world, alongside with a profound research into them.

More than 3 decades after their foundation, their esoteric electronic capital and evocative vision can be fully appreciated by a freshly synthesized generation, offering something remarkably definitive and quite honestly, ESSENTIAL.

LP1: "The First and Second Side of the Mystic Synth"
A1 New World 4:08
A2 Walking Out 5:47
A3 Magic World 5:01 (NEW VERSION)
A4 Aleyon 4:12
A5 Voices 4:04

B1 Future in the Past 4:11
B2 We are Colder 5:10 (NEW VERSION)
B3 Over Again 2:37
B4 He's a Liquid 3:12
B5 Orient Express 6:32 (NEW VERSION)
B6 Blue Rain 3:06

LP2:BONUS MLP "IN THE ROOMS OF MEMORY" "original demo 86 re-edit 2013".

A1 The Midnight Sun 3:58  music by Victor Life - S Nonnis - Original Demo 86 remix 2013
A2 The Breathe of the Universe 6:25 music by Victor Life - Leo Learchi Original Demo 86 - remix 1013
A3 Monodance 7:35 music by Victor Life - Maurizio Piazza - Original Demo 86 - remix 2013

B1 Aliens - Spoke to Russia flight controllers 6:56 music by Victor Life - S Nonnis - Leo Learchi  - Original Demo 86 remix 2013
B2 In the Rooms of Memory 4:46 music by Victor Life - S Nonnis - Original Demo 86 remix 2013
B3 Infinity music 4:51 by Victor Life - S Nonnis - Original Demo 86 - remix 2013
B4 In the Court of the Seven Sun 1:23 music by Victor Life and S Nonnis - original Demo 86 remix 2013
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