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VOD131.11/12 Techno Menses / K. Kusafuka 2Lp

This is the first in a series of various compilations to come with a focus on the 80’s japanese Minimal/Synth/Wave and electronica.

While Japan is very known for the Japanese Noise (almost as Germany is known for NDW (Neue Deutsche Welle) or 70’s Kraut (Progressive).Electronic Music this aspect of the 80’s Japanese Music Culture still seems to be less explored and exposed to the interested listeners.

In the early 80’s you had several outstanding labels such as Vanity releasing great artists/bands such as Sympathy Nervous, Normal Brain, Dada, SAB, Tolerance, Kiiro Radical, you had DD Records releasing 200 Tapes between 1980-85 with experimental and minimal/synth-Projects of many artists incl. Techno Menses and K.Kusafuka, K2...., the famous Unbalance-Label releasing ABM or NG or Hijokaidan.

This release is concnetrating on 3 of such Tape-Treasures of the japanese 80’s Electronic-Underground and all three released on the DD Records-Label in 1983/84

1.) TECHNO MENSES Requiem in the Sun  (DT 179, Jan-May 1984)

2.) K. KUSAFUKA Re-Musick (DT 156, 1983) & Demise Symphonika (DT164, 1983)

Techno Menses is for Fans of early Human League with a flavour of traditional japanese March-Music. K.Kimihide Re-Music is wondeful spaced electronic with beats and rhythms; Demise Symphonika is a very dark and ambient-like work

LP1A TECHNO MENSES Requiem in the Sun  (DT 179, Jan-May 1984)
A1 Requiem #1  3:05 (also on V/A "OMNI 4" (DTD 176)
A2 Front March 6:26
A3 Alice in the Land of Malice   5:15  (Bonus Track not on Requiem)
A4  Angel Vision  6:55
A5  Requiem in the Sun 3:30
SIDE A: 25:05
LP1B TECHNO MENSES Requiem in the Sun  (DT 179, Jan-May 1984) B1  Hygiene 4:10
B2  Toy Symphony  4:20 (on V/A "OMNI 4" (DTD 176)
B3  Requiem #2  8:55
B4 Martyr and Imperialist      2:00
B5  Lovers in the Sun 5:35
SIDE B: 25:00

LP2A: KIMIHIDE KUSAFUKA: Re-Musick (DT 156, 1983)
A1   Yellow Blood 1 4:54
A2  Yellow Blood 2 3:46
A3  Remorse 2:22
A4  Be Vulnerable! 5:38
A5  In the Redeemed Dream 3:02
A6  Stolen 3:09

Lp2B: KIMIHIDE KUSAFUKA: Demise Symphonika (Death Symphony). Originally released on DD Records (DT164), 12/1983
B1: The Last Funeral extract 16:38
B2: The Sea of Bliss 11:21

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