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VOD131.9/10 Sea of Wires / Chris Jones Recordings 1980-82 (2Lp)

Sea of Wires were formed by Chris Jones and Tony "T" Murphy both dedicated Hawkwind fans and followers of the German Electronic Scene. (Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel, Popol Vuh, Harmonia, Cluster....).
As quiet some british artists at that time (like Ian Boddy, Carl Matthews, Paul Nagle, Ron Berry or Colin Potter) elements of the german 'Kosmische Kraut-Musik' were used in their compositions.
Their original Line-Up existed for a couple of years throughout the early 1980s.
They distributed their sounds by cassette tape and live-appearances around Coventry in
the UK.

The first release from 1980 called "Individually Screened" had the largest
distribution, following a rave review in the weekly music paper Sounds and recieving a high recommendation by Geoff Wall's Stick It In You Ear-Magazine.
Home made cassette tapes were on a bit of a role back then and the Sounds review helped the group to distribute their tape far and wide.
As a consequence it was also licensed for release to Ian Dobson's and Gordon Hope's famous Flowmotion-Label.
A year later, Chris released a Solo-Release called 'Diversions' on his own Tape-Label with the name 'Sea of Wires' which also received excellent reviews in SIIYE and a few other cassette-culture-magazines.
At that time Sea Of Wires contributed to several compilations such as the famous Snatch Tapes (Snatch Tapes Number 2), Inkeys (Inkeys No.3) as well as one of the first and most influential DIJ-Tape-Labels; Conventional Tapes (National Grid 2).
In 1982 'T' and Chris Jones released their last Tape on their own label called 'Beyond The Edge of Tomorrow')
Along the way they made several friends who they co-operated with on other projects (such as Chris with the band/project Carn Dum that released a Tape on Music For Midgets) though the duo never managed to break out and deliver against their ultimate goal of live combined sound and visual performances. The foundation of their sound was live improvisation over several layers of recordings and this was the area they were experimenting with further when for various reason the duo went their separate ways in the mid 80s.
This release concentrates on the early stage of the project and the three Tapes released between 1980 and 82:

Lp1A  - Sea of Wires 2  Indivdually Screened (SOW02, 1980)
A1  Invincible 7:15
A2  Is the New Man Human 8:30
A3  Returrn of the Captain 2:15
A4  Robot Dance 2:19
A5  Breathing 8:30

LP1B - Sea of Wires 2  Indivdually Screened (SOW02, 1980)
B1:  An Endless Rainy Day 16:15 (also on V/A Snatch 2, Sntach Tapes, 1981)
B2:  Seascape 12:10

Lp2A - Chris Jones Diversions Sea of Wires (SOW11, 1981)
A1  The Man who Smiles 3:50
A2  S.O.W. (the Sea of Wire) 5:50
A3  New Age (With Apologies to you know who) 5:40
A4  It will never work 3:00
A5  The Nightmare Continues Edit to 3:00

Lp2B - Sea of Wires 3  Beyond the Edge of Tomorrow (SOW3, 1982)
B1  Recollections of Death  29:54 Min
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