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Ptose Productions The Official Guide to Ptose 1979-82 (4Lp-Set) with Shirt lmtd.99

The adventures of Ptôse, a collective of several artistst incl JJ Cabanis, ZZe, Lionel Jarlan and Ericka Irganon) and its label PPP had been very rewarding during the rise of the Cassette-Culture but one has to know when to stop before turning in circles so they stopped more or less unfinished as Beethovens 9th Symphony. However they never stopped to assist Ericka Irganon who continues her work in the shadows of PPP until today.
The output of Ptôse Porductions between 1979-86 has been incredible and their label PPP released almost 20 Tapes in different editions and sizes and contributed to the same amount of labels during that time.
In 1986, the miraculous Ptôse retired from the scene and remain a great mystery one of its kind, in design, concept and music
For a Label like Vinyl-on-Demand it seems to never end in exploring and compiling Lp's with music by Ptôse and PPP.

After the special 2Lp-Compilation in 2007 which already covered their early Tape-works and compilation-contributions from 1979-83 this is now the second release of this kind.
Besides officially released but ultrarare recordings from early Tapes it also contains a few unreleased archive-recordings and alternative versions.

More than half of the recordings of this release were part of a Tape-Release on Ian Dobson's Flowmotion-Label in 1981 which came in a very limited edition called "The Official Guide to PP" and covering their first 5 Tapes which they released between 1979 and 1981.

Together with the Ericka Irganon / JJ Cabanis Split-Lp released at same time to this release this is a great opportunity to dig deeper into the universe of Ptôse Productions.

A1  Boule 3:30
A2  Smelly Tongues 1:30
A3  Essai 2:30
A4  Ptose (live) 3:45
A5  Women In The Moon (Instrumental) 2:30
A6  Fernsehapparat/TV 3:20
A7  Boule 3:30
A8  Seigneur Des Mouches 3:55 
A9  Apparitions Renouvelles 3:10
B1  Sticky Soul 3:35
B2  Une Grande Epreuve 2:35
B3  Boule 1:50
B4  La Nuit des Sauriens 5:04        
B5  Legere Alteration 2:03
B6  Like a Mouse 2:34
B7  Our only food 2:56
B8  (Jungle Jazz) 3:20
B9 (Biepbiepbababuwahwah) 2:28

Bonus 7inch for members and buyers of the 12Lp-MSW Vol.2-Set
A1  Women in the Moon (4:38)
A2  J'aime la Nature (1:39)
A3  Boule Accoustic (3:40)
B1  Baby Song (3:51
B2  Ouch! (1:44
B3  Women in the Moon Live (4:16)
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