RELEASES 2022 plus previous years until 2015

VOD87 M.A.L. "The M.A.L.-Tapes" Lp 15,99 Euro

One side full of great Minimal/Synth-Tracks from his early 80’s Tapes „Chemistry“, „Two Faces“ and „Outlaw“ on labels like Grafika Airline and Insane Music; the other side with two mind-blowing and -opening electric-guitar-tracks from 1971-74 which will definately touch your consciousness for music-history and hopefully help re-writing it. Alain Neffe of Pseudo Code / Bene Gesserit (Insane Music) participated on two of the pieces. M.A.L.'s cassettes have been remastered in superb sound quality by Anders Peterson almost 40 years after it was recorded for the first time.

15,99 € incl. MwSt plus shipping