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VOD 54: ADN' Ckrystall Trilogie 1979-1988 3x10 Box 44,99 € lmtd.99 red Box

Erick Moncollin, Mastermind behind ADN’ Ckrystall and famous for his great and extremely rare Synth/Minimal-Wave-Records on Lp and 7“ has finally digged into his archive and provided VOD with the long awaited for collection of the 10 year A-D-N-Trilogie.
All tracks are from 1979-1988 -- including the mythicals sessions of the "Museum-ep", the "Rock Noire" mini-album, as well as tracks from "ADN'La Catastrophe" and others rarities. Members will recieve a 4 Track 7“ Bonus that includes the hits Deutsch Napalm and Panzer Kardinal as well as Bruenhild and Sehnsucht
44,99 € incl. MwSt plus shipping